Raspberrypi binary

I am unable to compile Crystal on a Raspberrypi. Can anyone let me have a compiled version. Thanks.

You can cross compile, usually is faster than compile on a Raspberrypi.

I wrote this in 2019, it’s now outdated since IIRC the libcrystal.a doesn’t exists anymore but it may be useful.


I’m not able to cross-compile to AArch64 for various reasons, so I instead used a pre-compiled static binary from here to bootstrap the compiler from source. Something like this in the source tree…

PATH="/path/to/static/binary:$PATH" make release=1 progress=1 interpreter=0

This has worked for both my Raspberry Pi 4’s and my PineBook Pro, and I’m able to make a native package this way that works on both.


I will not be able to cross compile so this sounds like the ideal solution.
Thank you very much.

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