Schedule Announcement for CrystalConf 2023

We are very pleased to present the preliminary schedule for the two-day Crystal conference happening this October 23 and 24, 2023. In addition to the outstanding speaker roster, CrystalConf 2023 will feature a panel discussion where several core team members will sit down to discuss potential directions for the future of Crystal. Please bring in your thoughts and ideas to tell us: how do you see the language growing?

We are excited to welcome LavinMQ by 84codes and Kagi as prestigious sponsors for CrystalConf 2023. Tickets are available at CrystalConf 2023 - The Crystal Programming Language, get yours soon!


The next version of the schedule for CrystalConf 2023 is available on

We want to thank our esteemed sponsors, LavinMQ by 84codes and Kagi for supporting us with the conference. Both the companies have talks aligned and we look forward to welcoming them as all other speakers along with our amazing audience. The incisive panel discussion and intelligent line-up of speakers that are set for the two-day program will undoubtedly yield some insightful takeaways. In order to get full access to the conference and be part of this commendable experience, get your ticket soon.