Thank you, Bruce Perens!

I wanted to say Hello and Thank You for popularization of Crystal to @BrucePerens!
If someone don’t know who he is (I know him since early 90’es) please Google it or check his website at
I will give you a clue: Open Source and BusyBox.

Here is the post in a blog of Bruce regarding Crystal and Lucky:

Thank You, Bruce!


This is a good read on the position of crystal in the computing ecosystem.

I like this quote:
“the Crystal language and the Lucky web platform offer more power than other computer languages I have experienced, more initial correctness, and the resulting code is fast.”


I am also power my startup with Crystal, Kemal, Granit. After mostly 1 year I feel that in the general the Crystal compilation checks save my time on writing tests and debug. All breaking changes in the Crystal during this time was quite quickly adapted in my project. Looking forward for the Crystal 1.0 release and hope to see the incremental compilation in the future!


You’re welcome. I continue to program in Crystal, appreciating its power and tearing my hair a bit. :slight_smile:


Keep your hair intact and just ask questions that bothers you here. :laughing:
We will gladly help you to answer them.
Core developers and community here is very supportive and always help each other.
I can help with debugging part if you stuck.

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I’m a big fan of yours.
So glad to learn that you liked Crystal as I did :blush: