Using inside itself creates internal references?

Check this out, this is the weirdest thing ever. Playground:

I did not want to use custom methods to create a Matrix because of That’s why I tried to do it this way, but for some reason if you change one Array in the Matrix, all of those arrays get modified??

def create_matrix_for_inventory(r, h)
  temp = Array(Array(Int32)).new
  h.times do |i|
    temp <<, 0)

Inventory =,, 0))
#Inventory = create_matrix_for_inventory 4, 7

Inventory[1][2] = 44

pp Inventory

## WTF LOL??

I’m fairly certain this is expected behavior. Array is a class, and therefore will be referenced. What you need to do is use a block to create a new array instance for each index.

This happens because doesn’t call dup on the values you’re filling it with.

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Thank you, another class ref mistake by me, FFS.