Video tutorial for building a CLI

I haven’t watched it but it’s an interesting way to learn a language - look at existing code and optionally watch the author building it.

Here is the code:

If anyone have opinions or suggestions to improve that code, let me know since I am planning to learn from it (:

Hey @oren :wave:

I’m the author, so thanks for your interest in the series :slight_smile:

Both the videos and the code were designed for didactic purposes, with a special focus on concurrency patterns.

I think the code base for the URL checker might feel a bit opinionated to people coming from ruby, and, in general, I wouldn’t recommend using the project as a blueprint for bigger projects.

I would also recommend you take the time to write more tests for your code!

Finally, re opinions and suggestions to improve the code, I’d recommend

  • reading the youtube comments by other viewers - and contributing with your own!
  • checking out this topic on this very forum
  • looking at comments and errata that I collected on my personal blog
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Thank you. The blog organizes everything nicely!