Wanted: vertical alignment for VS Code

I use Visual Studio Code for Crystal programming. It works wonderfully except for one problem: the plugin I use doesn’t have a vertical alignment option.

Is there a vertical alignment plugin for VS Code that plays nice with Crystal? Or is there a better Crystal plugin that I should use instead?

I don’t know if this question belongs here… :thinking:

What do you mean with vertical alignment?

I use Better Align.

The Crystal formatter aligns vertically some things (like => in hash literals), and others don’t (like assignments). Guess the best practice would be to run the formatter and accept the style.


Yes, just follow the formatter is usually a good idea. Otherwise you can’t use it on your projects because it will always interfere with your custom formats.
If you find an idea to improve the formatter, don’t hesitate to suggest an enhancement.

Looks like I’ll run the formatter then. Thank you!