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WebAssembly runtime for Crystal

Published WebAssembly runtime for Crystal based on wasmer


This is great!

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Looks interesting. Just a reminder: please update the Crystal section the file. :slight_smile:

Really great :+1:

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Thanks. wasmer is already reflecting this shard on its README


What is meant by “no published package” for Crystal (i.e.: wasmer-crystal) on GitHub - wasmerio/wasmer: 🚀 The leading WebAssembly Runtime supporting WASI and Emscripten ?

On Releases · naqvis/wasmer-crystal · GitHub, there are 2 releases. Does wasmer-crystal lack some features or does wasmer just need to update their doc’s? (I don’t know enough about it either; just wondering.)

Packages on that site represents standalone packages, which doesn’t require any pre-requisite like have wasmer runtime installed etc. As all entries listed under Package columns comes either bundled with runtime or they are created in Rust.