Webmock.cr stops developing?


Now, I’m developing mechanize.cr(https://github.com/Kanezoh/mechanize.cr) and want to implement http authorization. I’m using webmock.cr for http request test, but it seems no feature to test it.
Is there any way to test http authorization with webmock.cr?

And another question, webmock.cr’s development is now stopping? There are many issues and PRs left.

Thank you.

sorry, I was mistaken. prepare two mocks like below and it’s OK.

WebMock.stub(:get, "http://auth.example.com/")
   .with(headers: {"Authorization" => "Basic #{ Base64.strict_encode("user:pass").chomp}"})
   .to_return(status: 200)

WebMock.stub(:get, "http://auth.example.com/")
   .to_return(status: 401, headers: {"WWW-Authenticate" => "Basic realm=\"Access to the staging site\", charset=\"UTF-8\""})