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What does the format command change?

Hello, I develop a plug-in that generates code from UML model with modeling tool Astah. It supports Crystal Language code generation.
In future plug-in updates, I want to make the code generated by my plug-in correspond to the code formatted by the crystal tool format command.

My question: Is there a document that describes what the crystal tool format command changes?

It’s fine If there is not. I run the format command to check the changes.

Thank you.

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I’d recommend reading the source code to see what it does, how it does it, and plan accordingly.

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Hi @nsuchy
Thanks for your advice. I will read the source code.

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It’s probably better to read the specs


Thanks @asterite . I will refer to this together.

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The reason I suggested reading the formatter and not its specs was to see how it does it, not necessarily just the results of the task (those are important as well).

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