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What is `select` re concurrency?

The blog post announcing parallelism mentions select as a concurrency statement, and the release notes for 0.33.0 do too.

I’ve tried to find documentation about said select in the reference guide or docs without luck (perhaps I missed it?). Fiber#select seems like a candidate, but has no docs.

Can anyone give a crash course about it?

It’s derived from Go, best bet would be checking out their docs for the moment.

I see! Which would be the equivalent syntax for

select {
case msg1 := <-c1:
    fmt.Println("received", msg1)
case msg2 := <-c2:
    fmt.Println("received", msg2)


Probably something like

when msg1 = ch1.receive
  puts "received #{msg1}"
when msg2 = ch2.receive
  puts "received #{msg2}"
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We have some documentation material planned to give better visibility to the select, but for now can help to understand the different options.


Yeah with the changes related to timeout I think we can assume the API is stable enough to write the documentation.

@fxn I’ve been thinking about writing this article since I read your post. It’s finally out!

@lbarasti thanks a lot for the post, and also thanks a lot for following up here :heart:.