What is your New Year's Resolutions for Crystal?

Await for multithreading to be supported.

What are the things you wish for?

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Are you asking about things we’re looking forward to in the language itself or things we want to accomplish with Crystal this year?

Can be either you’re looking forward or you want to accomplish with Crystal next year.


I’d like to create some shards that are useful to the community this coming year.

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For Crystal, MT support would be fantastic. Not only for the kinds of applications I usually work on, but for some the lack of MT is a dealbreaker - so hopefully it will make Crystal more attractive to those who really need it, and bring some new production users and contributors :slight_smile:

As for my own projects, I’m typically always working in the “backend” of things… so I’m really looking forward to getting some “full stack” experience with Lucky or other frameworks this coming year, and learn how Crystal can best provide for frontend clients.


:heavy_check_mark: In 2019 I’m going to launch my result of 2 years experience with Crystal – Onyx Framework – which would contain REST and GraphQL API frameworks, SQL ORM and background job processing:

… aims to be as much novice-friendly as possible, still being able to scale with a developer’s knowledge of Crystal Language

:heavy_check_mark: I’m going to warm up the Russian community with articles regarding Crystal on famous programming resources like habr.com and attend to the Ruby conference presenting the language and my work, which is going to happen this spring in Belarus. Also maybe hosting a Crystal-dedicated conference as well.

:heavy_check_mark: I’m going to rewamp crystaljobs.org, making it a full-featured Crystal Jobs website with accounts, dashboard, proper email newsletter and stuff.

:heavy_check_mark: I’m going to rewrite CrystalWorld to apply my expereince in the past year and re-visit Realworld Benchmark to create the back-end version of Realworld Comparison – with the help of the community, I hope.

:heavy_check_mark: I’m going to do my best to tell everyone why Crystal is the future language #1!


Create more libraries that people will use in their projects.
Make a few more webapps using it - JSON REST apis is what I focus on mostly. I find Crystal along with Vue to be one of the nicest ways to get a site up and running


Finish this gameserver and finally be free of my sins.

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