Crystal Version 1


I wasn’t quite sure where to post this, so I hope this is the right place. Please let me know if I should move it elsewhere.

I heard about Crystal a couple years ago and, being a Ruby dev, I have been following it’s progress with much interest ever since. I’m considering starting a personal project with it, but saw feedback somewhere that Dev Teams are reluctant to widely adopt Crystal because it has been in dev for 6 (or 7+) years and hasn’t hit version 1 yet. Which is reasonable, but also made me curious.

Is there any way to see what it would take for Crystal to hit Version 1 and how far off (in terms of issues/features, not time) it might be? I’ve considered contributing, but I’d like to help in a way which would be most valuable towards getting to Version 1

This language seems very promising and I’d love to see it grow as large as a lot of other languages out there.

waiting for windows and multithread support.

+1 to @pynixwang

I have to say that there are also more difficult problems: generics semantic, incremental compilation \ require rework, maybe few more. They aren’t going to be solved soon, so perhaps they’ll have to wait until “Crystal 2.0”.
It’ll still be pretty strange to have 1.0 version of language with known bugs that are practically impossible to solve without breaking changes. I wonder if there is some easy way to keep useful sides of generics (for containers and algorithms) but avoid potentially broken behaviour (inheritance and such).