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What should I name my Crystal Q/A (StackOverflow like) site? Winner gets a cash prize/crypto!

I wanted But the limit is 4 characters and .cr is like $150 anyway.

Anyone have any good ideas? My other was

Here’s a couple screenshots for inspirarion.

Which domain should I use?

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If you have another suggestion, lmk and I’ll add it to the poll!

Why not .net(~ $10) is also cheaper than .io (~$30).

i was thinking that or .app or .io. ill pay under $50 for a domain but over that i wont haha. trying to think of a better name overall tool.

i liked too. because .al is a domain name.

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Added charts.js to admin. Looking sexy!

Idk if this seems a bit too tacky though? Have a feeling it might be great for SEO though?

crystal.ball ?

crystal.meth :wink:

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