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Why does amber have Postgres as default

Is there an advatage to using Postgress ovel mysql or sqlite ? For some reason Postgres is impossible to set up.

Postgres has a lot of features that makes it enjoyable to work with. Of course you are free to change it to something to better fit your applications needs, or what you are more familiar with. However, while we are happy to help, the forums are not the best medium for going back and forth trying to help with this kind of stuff. E.g. Connect Amber to Postgress. Setting up Postgres is a pretty general programming language agnostic thing. There are probably quite a lot of resources on how to do that outside of the Crystal ecosystem.

Have you considered trying their amberframework/amber - Gitter chanel? Or even one of the more general Crystal chat rooms? Community - The Crystal Programming Language. Might get a fast/easier response there.

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No I’ll look into Glitter, I’m on the Postgres Slack, and AskUbutu trying to see how Postgres works.

Their docs says that you can pass the --database mysql flag when you create a new project to use MySQL instead.

How do I install MySQL ?

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