Working libraries

can anyone recommend me some working libraries in crystal, preferably documented ones? i love the idea, i wanna get into it, but hardly anything i find at awesome_crystal repo even works properly(cray, glove), i have the impression that most of this stuff is not kept up to date.
What are you working on, what are your favourite libs with which you play around?
(please dont tell me this lang is dying before being properly born)

What are some things that interest you? Would be easier to recommend some shards if you could narrow down the scope a bit :p

game development? gui? or anythin that will allow me to enjoy crystals speed while having documentation at the same time…

Hmm unfortunately I’m not familiar with any of those :/

Could maybe look through

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You could also take a look through Veelenga’s excellent awesome-crystal list. You’ll find that there are not yet any pure Crystal game development or GUI shards, but there are shards with bindings to C libraries for both. Maybe you’ll find a shard of some other kind that will be useful to you, though.

I think that gui libraries and gamedev engines on Crystal will appear after Windows support (and there is some great progress in it). Right now it is mostly used for web.
But i think that CrSFML (or maybe, I haven’t tried it) + Chipmunk bindings are really all that is needed for a gamedev. The only problem is distribution.