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Aarch64 Linux

With the exciting work towards aarch64 macOS, are there any plans for an official aarch64-linux version of the compiler in the upcoming releases?

I’ve been able to successfully bootstrap it via a cross-compile (using a similar approach to that PR), but would be excellent to have a centrally published source.

Main motivation for this is that it opens a clean path to usage on environments such as AWS’s new(ish) Graviton machines.


… and maybe for android?


You want to track Provide a Redhat / CentOS aarch64 build · Issue #9833 · crystal-lang/crystal · GitHub I guess. But the biggest blocker is probably C ABI: accepting a struct in a callback works wrong (indirect vs byval) · Issue #9533 · crystal-lang/crystal · GitHub, that is I can imagine it’ll resolve at least some of the less specific other open issues.

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