About the Tooling category

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  1. This category is for the development of and usage assistance with tooling surrounding Crystal. This includes syntax highlighters, LSPs, IDE plugins, tree sitters, etc. People should use this category if they have an idea for how to improve tooling, have questions on setting up/using tooling, or found bugs with tooling.

  2. The closest category to this is Crystal Contrib, which may have some overlap when it comes to working on the compiler itself to improve tooling, is independent enough to warrant its own category.

  3. Topics should generally contain ideas for tooling improvements, requests
    for information on how to setup tooling, reporting tooling issues, and discussing the development of tooling surrounding Crystal.

  4. I think we need this category, especially as more work is done on improving the state of tooling around Crystal. As mentioned above, there is some overlap with Crystal Contrib but they are different enough in my opinion to warrant a separate category.