Project categories


Hello there, I’m glad we’ve got a forum!

There are some big OSS projects in the Crystal ecosystem already like Kemal, Amber, Lucky etc. Will they get their own sub-forums (a.k.a. categories), and if yes, wouldn’t that be distracting to see posts in these categories in the “Latest” tab on the main forum page? And also if yes, what are the requirements to get a separate category on this forum?

  1. Maybe but later when the forum actually gets busy
  2. No
  3. We’ll work that out when we introduce categories


I think that projects using crystal will advertise their existence in #news or intention to exist in #community.

But further discussion on them will be probably best suited in their own channel. Otherwise the conversation can’t be moderated by the maintainers. Yet, I would say that the #community can be used to have some kind of conversation around specific projects probably.