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No show off section?

It’s fun. I would like see what people is doing and be up to date with which libraries are released and so on.
Is there any reason why a section for people to show off what they are doing with crystal exists?

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I agree, such section is missing.

@bcardiff Should we add it?

The news category has a subcategory for official news.

I would say that for new developments, accomplishments the news, where anyone can post can be used.

There is, though, a difference between show-off and more formal news.

Maybe a Feeling Happy category for encouraging show-off, achievements, etc could work. Sounds less formal than News.

The “News” category sounds like news the Crystal team would publish, not anyone (because usually news come from official sources). So I think we should rename that category.

In the Elixir forums they have “Your libraries & projects” category. Can’t get more obvious than that.


Maybe we can rename news to Announcements or Public Announcements. It still a bit formal but I think it works for project news. Or maybe rephrase the description.

I dont want to have two categories where people can announce their projects. And I like the idea that the official news is a subset of those.

Having a separate “your libraries & project” would still leave us with a need for people to announce/share experiencies/meetups/etc.

But I want to have encouraging and clear categories names for people to share experiences.

I don’t know that “Announcements” or “Public Announcements” are really clear that the community is welcome to announce things. “Community Announcements” is better, but then it seems strange to have official news within it. However, maybe that does make sense, if the goal is for the core team to emphasize that they’re a part of the community and want the community to be involved.

Me neither @kinxer :-) . There is also Community. Having Community & Community Announcements seems confusing.

Although is not always visible: the discourse bot welcome message and email can help to discover better the categories for sharing things.

I said it in the past, I’m saying it again: we should copy the categories from the Elixir forums. Where do I announce a meetup? It’s not clear right now. Elixir forums has a specific category for that. Where do I announce my library or project? Elixir forums has a specific category for that. Here we have abstract names like “crystal contrib” (is that to the compiler, std or shards? not clear).


Announcements sounds even more formal then News.
Elixirforum’s categories look nice, should work for us to. We don’t need all of them right now.


the compiler, std, and shards are all missing crystal contrib, that’s why!!

Yes, I would not post a “Look ! I did this cool thing!” post in “Announcements”. Maybe not even in “Library and projects” because it might not be either.

I like “Show off section”


I thought maybe there were some hidden categories that I was not seeing for some reason.

While I generally think going for a zillion categories too quickly is counter-productive, looks there is a clear demand for a few that are missing in this forum.

Elixir-forum categories line up is certainly an example to follow. Not all categories, but a few of them would be useful here. I like the name “your projects and libraries”, doesn’t need to be the same exact name, but something in those lines.

Ok, let’s:

  • move “News\Official” to “Official News” and
  • rename “News” to “Your projects and libraries”

The descriptions could be something like

  • Your projects and libraries: Tell us about your libraries, projects, and different initiatives like Meetups.
  • Official News: Official announcements, releases notifications.

I feel there will be an overlap between top-level Community and Your projects and libraries. But we can see how it goes. For example, it is less clear to me where should someone announce a Meetup.

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Could meetups be a different category?

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I also think meetups should be a separate category.

So, what do you guys think? Not wanting to be pushy, but it does appear that we have a consensus.