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Call for Talks @ Crystal 1.0 Launch

Call for Talks is open!
We are inviting Crystal users, developers, and contributors in general to submit their talks for the Crystal 1.0 Conference.

Topics can cover anything related to the experience with Crystal that is worth sharing to other Crystallers around the globe, or that people from other languages can bring to our community: interesting shards, particularities of the compiler, benchmarks, etc.


related to this, will the talks or the conference in general be recorded? I unfortunately won’t be able to attend the conference, but would love to catch up on it after the fact.


Im really glad to hear about the 1.0 conference. But I think 90 dollars for a ticket is a little too much.
If you ask me, it should be absolutely free, so that the whole world could know about crystal 1.0.


Yes, maybe some parts could be free and other parts premium? But, there’s a balance between spreading the news and covering costs.


Much thanks to all involved in the crystal 1.0 conference!!!

Any eta on when/where will the sessions (slides/videos/etc) be available online or at least to those who attended?