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Video recordings from Crystal 1.0 conference

Are the videos already available somewhere? When will they be ready? Will the Crystal 1.0 Conference - The Crystal Programming Language page be moved to a permanent and event-specific URL (e.g. ) and include the links to the individual videos?


We’re working on it. We are half way there.




Looks like they’re all there except for the last one for some reason :slight_smile:

I am new to both Crystal and this community. I watched your talk at the conference with interest. I have used irb in Ruby and greatly enjoyed it. I was wondering how you are progressing with Crystal on Demand? Any idea when we may expect it to be released?

Thanks so much for all the hard work of you and your core team. This is the language I have been searching for.

The talk on Crystal on Demand was by @asterite

There has been some progress. We’re currently working on some preparatory steps to merge the interpreter. That should be finished soon, and we plan to have the interpreter as an experimental feature in the next release (1.3).