Start preparing a mega-crystal online event for the 1.0 release

Taking into account (with our fingers crossed) that the core team is confident to reach Crystal 1.0 in the near future, and that due to covid there are lots of international online events going on, I think we could start thinking how we could organize such an event to announce the release of Crystal 1.0

Crystal 1.0 announcement will only happen once, so I think it’s wise to prepare a global event to give it as much diffusion as possible, and also to present the ecosystem that Crystal already has.

There are many people using Crystal in production, and developing and supporting fully functional frameworks, libraries and tools based on Crystal. I’m pretty sure most of them would be willing to take part in such an event to show their work, talk about their product’s roadmap, and even create tutorials or give workshops.

More over, if we agree on some kind of common format, we might end up with a pretty complete set of videos, tutorials, workshops, etc, showcasing and explaining everything Crystal has to offer.

Ideally I’d like Crystal 1.0 to also come with a MOOC course about it, explaining the language and best practices. I know it’s a lot of work but it would be an excellent opportunity to present such a thing.

I know the Crystal team has a lot of work with the issued blocking a 1.0 release (Brian explained it here:, and organizing such an event and also preparing an online course, it’s a lot of work, but perhaps those from the community that are not so technical to provide PRs can help with these tasks, if the core team provides some clues about how we can all collaborate with such a thing.

Well, that’s just an idea, I think the release of Crystal 1.0 really deserves a great event to tell the world about it, and the community could help a lot creating such an event.


This seems a really great idea! I don’t know if there are some plans about public relations at manas. Some support from the firm that’s the major backer of this language might be great.

Completely agree on that, I hope people at manas find this proposal useful, I would be glad to help, and perhaps find some sponsor and media coverage too.
Being a completely remote event, it would be much cheaper, but it requires quite some time and effort to get it right. On the other hand, there are already several proyects and tools that I guess would be willing to help organize such an event.

We are in fact preparing something :-) We hope to be able to share the details soon, but there will be plenty of time to register and contribute. Thanks for the offer to help!

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that’s great news, looking forward to it