Ameba error when Amber framework installing depedencies

Hi, i’m new to the crystal community, i’m trying to develop website using Amber framework, but when i trying to install it, when the framework trying to install depedencies, it always error, the error said “Failed postinstall of ameba on make bin && make run_file:”, “Error target ameba failed to compile:”, and the last is “Error: type must be Ameba::Severity, not (Ameba::Severity | Nil)”. When i try to check using command “shards check”, then error message show “Missing shard.lock. Please run ‘shards install’”. I’m using Ubuntu 22.04. Someone please help me.

Try to compile without development dependencies, i.e. shards install --without-development

Ameba already fixed this issue in recent versions, but Amber wasn’t updated yet.

So another choice is to create a shards.override.yml file and change Ameba version to a recent one with this issue fixed.

File a bug report on Amber project also would be important.

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Thank you very much, now it’s work :grinning: