Anyone want to help with a GDScript Dictionary to Crystal Hash converter?

I’m a bit reluctant to release it, well cause it might be viewed as a complete mess. It probably is, lol but I’m sure the community members from Godot and Crystal can make it even better! I can’t figure out how to get dictionaries inside dictionaries to work. Well, It works with 1 dictionary inside a dictionary, but it needs to work recursively, for any amount.

For my passive tree in Godot, I wanted to convert a GDScript dictionary to a native Crystal Hash.

This means, when using crystal, the developer can just use require "", instead of having to deal with JSON.parse, or a complex JSON.mapping. Plus, it feels more statically typed.

Here is the project:

I welcome all contributions. If you have time, feel free to make it better as it can be improved a lot I think!