Benchmark "How much memory do you need to run 1M concurrent tasks?" on HN

Saw How much memory do you need to run 1M concurrent tasks? on Hacker News, which is comparing how much RSS usage to enqueue 1 million idle tasks in various programming languages. I just posted a comment with a Crystal implementation and some results. (Search for compumike if you can’t find it…)

Anyone have a better implementation?


As others in there pointed out, the author just generated code from chatGPT, so there’s little explanation or thought put into making it useful. Kinda pointless thread.

darwin-arm64 RSS levels off at ~7 GiB for a trivial worker (~7 KiB/fiber).

-Dpreview_mt and CRYSTAL_WORKERS=$(nproc) vs. CRYSTAL_WORKERS=1 spawning time is much faster in the latter, presumably due to some intra-thread synchronization to support parallelism. Overall, throughput is greater so it is scaling across cores. Didn’t plot linearity of work rate. Haven’t tried it on Intel or AMD linux-x86_64 or linux-armhf.

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