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Blog: Announcing new apt and rpm repositories


Is there an issue or a set of issues for expanding the support in the script to other distributions? I’m running on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, and apt-get actually runs and launches Zypper (why anyone thought this made sense, I do not know), which causes the script to assume it’s fine to proceed with apt-related commands. I’m happy to contribute modifications to the script to enable it to work on my platform, but don’t see where to do that.

EDIT: I found crystal-lang/distribution-scripts; assuming there is no existing issue there, I’ll make one.

Does this mean that the snap method of installing crystal will go away or lose support?
If someone is using snap should they switch to the new install script?

Thanks for asking @da1nerd. The snap method will keep to be available. There is no need to migrate if the snap package is working for you.

A limitation of the snap, that is unlikely to change, is that it will never allow you to install specific mayor.minor.patch version. Crystal package has only 1 track: latest. That alone does not allow you to pick older stable releases.

In some snap packages, like in Go, they have mayor.minor tracks. Although those does not allow you to pick a patch release, it should be enough in the mayority of the scenarios.

Unfortunately, doing that requires a manual approval of those tracks by Canonical. So the release process become heavier.

With more reliable download statistics from snap and bintray and community feedback the we could check this decision and add more tracks if needed.

To reiterate, there is no need to migrate from the snap package.

Are there any plans to support additional architectures via snap? ATM it only supports amd64, while snap supports quite a few others.

No, but feel free to create an issue in distributions-scripts for that so people can :+1:/comment. If you are thinking in arm, @jhass has setup and arm CI recently that could help with that.

FYI, The integration with Travis is on its way at

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