Minor Adjust to Fedora Install Instructions

Hi there, this is my first post to this forum! Just got Crystal installed and am liking it so far.

I had a question about the Fedora section of the Installation Guide. It has instructions for Snapcraft and Linuxbrew. This is fine, however Crystal is packaged for RPM. The CentOS and OpenSUSE installation instructions both have info on using the rpm repository, however this is missing from Fedora. Should this be added?

Thanks! Looking forward to participating in and contributing to this language’s community for the foreseeable future.


Hi @BraydonKains. Sure! you can send a PR to https://github.com/crystal-lang/crystal-website/blob/unstable/install/on_fedora.md

I am not sure if the dependencies of the rpm package applies for all distros equally. Those are indicated in https://github.com/crystal-lang/distribution-scripts/blob/069ab25a878d08de9a2396663ede2011af196fd8/linux/Makefile#L144

If everything goes fine with them you might want to base the content on on_redhat event at the cost of some duplication as in on_debian/on_ubuntu instructions.

In my experience, if it’s a properly packaged rpm then it will work. I’ll keep testing and make sure my assumption is correct. As long as it goes well I will make a PR! Thanks!

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