[Blog Post] Building my first web application using Crystal and the Amber Framework

Recently I heard about a fairly new programming language called Crystal. Crystal is a self-hosted statically typed compiled programming language with C-like performance with Ruby-like syntax. While I quickly fell in love with Crystal and Amber, this post will talk about my experience, I’m going to talk more about the bad parts and how they relate to the good parts as I want to provide a critical overview of what Crystal and Amber, can and cannot do for you. I don’t want to say Crystal and Amber is perfect, I want to be transparent about the current flaws, and lastly I want you to make an informed decision to choose Crystal and Amber.

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Welcome to the Crystal community!
I like Amber and have used it for a projects similar to yours.

I like the blog post and think we need more to get people interested in Crystal.

Small note I think there is more than one developer paid to work on crystal. I think manas has some staff that works on Crystal.

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I’m willing to update my blog post, is this a core developer funded by the Crystal team from donations or is it a developer at a company contributing to Crystal to meet the company’s interests not the Crystal community’s’?

The donations advertised in the homepage goes to Manas. Manas currently doubles that income as stated in https://crystal-lang.org/2017/12/19/this-is-not-a-new-years-resolution.html .

Those allows Manas to allocate time from developers to invest in crystal. Although I might be de most visible Manas developer during the last months, other developers joins in scoped or sporadic efforts as well.

Those activities are not always visible. Sometimes is brainstorming, discussing ideas, preparing material, coding, experimenting, giving feedback, etc. Some of them are: waj, ggiraldez, mverzilli, and matiasgarciaisaia.

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I learned something new today, I’m publishing a correction to my article. Thanks for letting me know there’s more than one paid core developer.

the small note aside I really like the article.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. Working on a post about macros for next Saturday. I’ll be publishing something on Crystal every Saturday :slight_smile: