Call for Crystal Language Devs!

High times at the Crystal team! In addition to Fran’s fresh-out-of-the-oven incorporation to the team, we’re opening a new full time position :tada:

At @manastech we are looking for a Crystal Language Developer, who will be joining our internal Crystal Team and contributing to the development of the language and its libraries.

We are looking for candidates who ideally have:

  • Experience designing and analyzing tradeoffs in computer language features
  • Deep knowledge of systems and computer organization (threading, scheduling, syscalls, assembly…)
  • Deep knowledge of compilers and type systems
  • Proven coding skills, preferably in Crystal
  • Participated in large open-source projects

Check out the position and apply at We are Manas.


#1 on my 2022 wishlist is coming true! :sparkler:


And we’ve just applied to Google Summer of Code, so we hope to cross one more thing from your list!


Hey! Don’t be shy :blush: If the ideal candidate sounds too far off from you, note that no one in the team complies with that list entirely :wink: If you like solving problems, have good coding skills, and are a good person, you have one foot in :wink: :wink:
Feel free to contact me in case of doubt.