Manas is hiring

Manas is the place where Crystal was born and keeps growing. Besides becoming the incidental home of a beloved programming language, most of the projects are in web and mobile development on various tech stacks.

If you are proficient in Crystal, that’s great. But we’re also happy about experience with Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Elixir, Flutter or other.
Work is fully remote in small teams with (optional) daily sync calls.

Take a look at Join us | Manas.Tech for open positions.
If you don’t fit in any of them but still would like to consider joining our force, take a look at the design your own role offering . We focus on people, not some role to fit in.

I’ve joined Manas because I wanted to work full time on Crystal. But I would stay even without Crystal. It’s a great place to work with nice people, a focus on the individual, and interesting and challenging projects.

Feel free to reach out to me, @beta-ziliani, or @ftarulla if you want to talk about how it is to work at Manas.


Cant believe there are no replies yet. I have a tab open that i want to submit my candidacy. Will Do later today.

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