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Looking for some crystal developers

Hey everyone. I’m not sure if soliciting work in the forum is ok. If not just let me know.

I just landed a new work project for which I’m using crystal (probably via lucky) for the backend, and am looking for someone to help work on it.

Here’s a little background…
I’ve been freelancing for the last 12 years. Started with frontend, then mobile apps, then backend, then architecture design, but really love doing anything custom.

The project itself is proprietory so I can’t post details here. However, I can say it is going to be a pretty large inventory system, and the project started today.

I’m looking specifically for someone with at least a moderate amount of crystal experience, hopefully some lucky experience, experience with designing systems from scratch would be great, and if you’ve been a freelancer yourself that’s a huge bonus in my mind.

Oh and right this minute I’m only looking for one developer, but once the basic architecture is designed I’ll be looking for more.

If you are interested please pm me!


Just to clarify a few things.

  • This is a paid position.
  • I’m looking for just contractors at the moment not employees. If things go well that may change.
  • If you are interested, please PM me and I’ll give you a link to a form to collect some contact info.
  • I plan to video chat with everyone who fills out the contact form mentioned above.

Sorry for the added bureaucracy, but so many people were interested that I needed a way to organize things. :relieved:

Looking forward to working with some fellow crystal enthusiasts!


Hey everyone, thanks for your interest!
I just wanted to share that I’m no longer going to respond to new inquiries. Plenty of people have already contacted me and I now have a part time job doing meetings :stuck_out_tongue:. It’s exciting to see such enthusiasm!


Companies are afraid to start new product with Crystal because they fear that they will not found any developers.

This post show us the contrary and it’s cool ! :sunglasses: