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CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) with crystal?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any experience in CEF embedding for a Crystal app ?
In such case, is it possible to build merge the app and the UI down to a single executable ?

Well I must admit this first contact with the crystal community is not what I expected.
If anyone less opinionated have any information about Crystal + CEF I would be happy to hear about it.


One bad apple is not representative of the community. Sorry that had to be your first interaction.

Unfortunately, I’m not too familiar with that project.

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Hi @amigrave. I don’t have knowledge of CEF. The most similar thing I envisioned so far is an Electron-ish framework where the server could run a native binary.

If CEF offers some solution to be used in C, then that usually mean that should be doable in Crystal, after some work.

If you have experience with CEF and a bit of C, I bet there can be some initial feedback to make a proof of concept of that if you want.

I’ve experimented with doing a webview wrapper in Crystal. Really any similar solution would be pretty cool.

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Cool to who? Who will use Chromium with Crystal?

There’s not much difference to using JS, other than the fact that the Crystal would be compiled and much faster.

CEF is written in C++. So by your logic, you are saying it’ll be faster than Crystal after it gets converted?

Le facepalm

No one is talking about converting CEF to Crystal, they’re talking about writing a wrapper for it in Crystal.

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