Code review

I’m new to Crystal. So I’ve started my journey with the “Ray Tracer Challenge” (a book by Pragmatic Pub). I’m 5 chapters into the book, and I’d like some code review feedback from more experienced Crystal developers. My repo is The book gives cucumber specs and describes the algorithms. I’ve coded the specs for Crystal’s Spec module and made the tests pass. So you probably dont need the book to understand the code. The specs should describe everything well. However, I do recommend the book. Please post comments/feedback here or open an issue on the repo. Thanks!

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Is that book specifically aimed at Crystal users, or is it generic to almost any language? If the former, I might get it, but if it’s generic, bah, I’ve written my own ray tracers in the 1990s. Then would there be a reason to get it?

the book is not language specific. it describes the mechanics of ray tracing then gives unit tests. its up to the reader to develop the code to make the unit tests and the ray tracer work. the book is good if you wish to learn how a ray tracer works. Also, its a good project if you wish to practice programming.