Cryomongo - a pure Crystal MongoDB driver

Hello everyone :wave:,

I just released cryomongo, a MongoDB driver written in pure crystal - unlike the existing driver which requires the installation of the libmongoc and libbson shared libraries.

Not all 3.6+ features are supported yet - but a good chunk of them are, and I’m planning to implement transactions and sessions soon.

So I’m posting here in case someone is interested in contributing or trying the library out.


This is great @elbywan, thanks for your work :+1:. I’ll give it a spin soon.


I’ve been watching the updates on GitHub the past week. I tripped over it by chance when looking at the status of the other MongoDB drivers for Crystal.

Amazing work. Will be trying it out next weekend time permitting.

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I’ve been maintaining the active fork for, so thank you for this. I marked it as deprecated and linked to your lib.

Ive also updated my ORM to use this! Great work! The transition wasn’t as bad as i thought.


Look really promising :+1:

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very nice

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