Crystal bindings for Sciter

Hi. Would anyone be willing to create bindings in Crystal for Sciter? For example here’s Go. GitHub - sciter-sdk/go-sciter: Golang bindings of Sciter: the Embeddable HTML/CSS/script engine for modern UI development

cc @ComputerMage

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Does it have a C interface? If so then yes it can be bound. Luckily the work to do so is mostly just tedium work. Either writing all the structs and functions by hand or using some sort of a binding generator. Anyone can do it. I have done quite a few bindings now and I know with a little gumption you can too. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know Andrew (author of Sciter) for ages.
In previous post it was rightly said that it can be done quite easily but tediously via C bindings

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A very cool project, however It’s not open source, so I believe will be harder to find someone to do this for you for free.

There’s too, but you need to fill the gaps that are already done by Sciter.

I can try to do it but I have never done such a thing. Would anyone be able to provide some guidance? I am worried about memory management especially freeing objects when they need to be.

Dont ask anyone to do it for free. I can pay.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding then.

One of the common patterns around Crystal bindings to C libraries is to write classes that receive the C object (or the means to derive it) in initialize and free it in finalize. That way, Crystal object lifecycles automatically handle the lifecycle for the C objects and you’re never manually managing it at call sites.

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