Crystal from a newbies perspective

Hi everyone,
I wrote a blog post about my thoughts as a beginner to Crystal today. Overall I’d say my experience was positive, and I’ve got some more projects planned in Crystal for the future. Please let me know if I made any mistakes when talking about the language, I’ll make sure to correct them. Thank you!


I’m glad you find the playground useful and shared that.


That’s a great essay from a beginner’s perspective. I’m sure it will help people learn more about Crystal and maybe get interested in trying it. Your insights on the rougher edges are valuable feedback for things we can improve. Thank you :bowing_man:

One thing I’d suggest to maybe improve the wording: The description of shards can be understood as it only supports dependencies hosted on GitHub or GitLab. That’s not the case. It supports any git repository no matter where it’s hosted. And also mercurial and fossil repositories.

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A Windows (Crystal newbie) user who wrote a really good Crystal article, which in itself probably mean a huge improvement for the Crystal.

I actually didn’t know that. That’s great to hear! I’ll update the article to make that more clear

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This blog post is getting some traction on Hacker News:

I’m curious to hear what people think. Maybe we will get a few more newbies to join the community!

@decabytes Great blog post, just saw it via HN and added a comment there. I think you’re right at pointing toward Debuggability as an area for improvement. But glad to hear you’ve had a positive experience with Crystal so far! :smile: