Good day Friend! (Pass me the pear πŸ˜‰)

Hi all, my name is Martin. I have been looking at Crystal from the sidelines for a long time, but now have decided to take a dive in and learn it.

As a long-time casual user of Ruby with a semi-interest in systems programming, Crystal has really piqued my interest.

My latest endeavour has been learning about building a language VM, for which I first started learning Rust, which was quite challenging. After rewriting some of that in Ruby, because I thought it would help me prototype faster, I have now decided that actually this would be a perfect opportunity to sit down and learn Crystal. So here I am.

(The subject is a reference to a clip of a dog buying pears in a market. Let me know if you have seen it


Welcome to the Crystal community! Do you have a GitHub/GitLab/etc. profile? I’d love to see some of your work on this.

Thank you for the hearty welcome.
I have been too shy, honestly, to make any code in this line public, because it looks like a toddler’s scribbles.
But once I’ve had a chance to clean it up a little, I will put it up on GitHub.
I do have a GitHub account with some really oooold stuff though: mydoghasworms (Martin Ceronio) Β· GitHub

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Welcome to the community of Crystalists Martin! We have an enthusiastic and passionate community out here who are always welcoming and ready to help new contributors attain the right level of understanding of the language. Please do not hesitate to reach out as you progress through your learning process.

Happy Crystalising!

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