Hello Crystal community!

Hello Crystal people,

My name is Nicolas Talle (Nicolab on the chat and Github). I’m from the Basque country in the southwest of France. I started Crystal a week ago (to start 2020 well! Happy new year!).

I have a long experience in development (17 years, doesn’t make me any younger). By cons I did not know at all the Ruby syntax, the echo-system, nothing!

I’ve been looking some thing like Express (JS), Echo / Gin (Go) or Actix (Rust). I chose Kemal to add what I need as I go along.

I finished the reference book, some exercises too. Right there on the doc API while I’m developing. I’m saturating my head looking for docs, examples, specs everywhere for long days of debugging moments :crazy_face:

When I have managed to make my combo to be comfortable and more familiar with Crystal, I think it’s worth it (productivity, good performance and good community just waiting to grow).

It’s an exploration. When everything is good (learning curve), go to the prod.

Happy to be among you in the Crystal adventure.

PS: My english is bad, sorry for that. I work on it.


Welcome to the community!

Thank you! :)

Salut Nicolas et bienvenue! :)


Salut @anykeyh et merci! :slight_smile:

@girng_github thank you!

My first Crystal shard : https://github.com/Nicolab/crystal-validator \o/
Freshly published :smiley:

Small feedback a few days later. Crystal is really a great language, fun and pleasant!
- But you already know that.