Serdar Dogruyol

Serdar here :wave:

Mostly known from my handle sdogruyol which happens to be my first + last name :smile: I live in beautiful Istanbul while working for Rainforest remotely. I’m the creator of Kemal and a Crystal core member since Jan 2018.

A bit history: I’m a long time Rubyist, I’ve always searched for something like Crystal. Before finding Crystal I’ve played with many other languages such as Elixir, Rust, Nim (called Nimrod back then). In March 2015 I’ve discovered Crystal and that’s it :boom: After falling in love with Crystal, I created my first Crystal project called cryload, which is a wrk ab like load tool for web apps.

Then fast forward to end of 2015, I wanted to build web apps with Crystal and wanted something like Sinatra but there wasn’t. So, I created Kemal and I’m still the core maintainer after 3 years :slight_smile:

I really like to speak about Crystal and spread the :heart:. I go to meetups, international software conferences e.g to evangelize Crystal. I’m really happy to see Crystal growing :tada:

In my free time, I mostly spend my time with my wife, play some old-school games (HOMM 3 anyone?), practice my Japanese and travel. P.S: I haven’t visited Kyoto yet :laughing:

I hope to make more Crystal friends. See you around :wave:


Just to add: without the websocket benchmark article, I don’t think I would be using Crystal. When I was using nodejs and saw that, I immediately started converting everything as fast as possible. Especially after falling in love with Crystal’s syntax.

So happy you published that!

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Thanks for Kemal man.

I’m have always been a Sinatra fan, (I do actually like a LOT) so when I saw Kemal it was love at first sight.

I wonder if something like Padrino would work in Crystal ecosystem :thinking:

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Hey! We met at the Crystal Code Camp in SF. Really glad you are still a part of the project, still lovin Kemal and I use it all the time now!

@girng now that makes me happy :blush: And I’m just reminded that I should blog more :eyeglasses:

@CaDs thanks for using Kemal and spreading the :heart:

@redcodefinal It was great to meet you and everyone else in Crystal Code Camp. Can’t wait for the next one :slight_smile:

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