Yacine Petitprez aka anykeyh

Greetings everyone !

Seems like I’ve overlooked this forum :slight_smile:

My name is Yacine Petitprez, I’m french currently living in Bangkok, Thailand.

I use to develop since 1998. At this time I was 11, I got captivated by the computer of my uncle and the games running on it. I begged my mom to buy me a computer, and coming from a poor family she brought me an old 386 computer, basically obsolete at this time (running on windows 3.11!!! :rofl: ).

Thankfully, instead of playing game, I was told to make them, as it contained qbasic development kit integrated.
20 years later, I’m CTO, leading the development and maintenance of an ERP built with Ruby on Rails.

I felt in love with Crystal two years ago when I started to lookup for technology to replace Ruby; my main concern was that Ruby is loosely typed, leading to many difficulty and technical debt as I’m working with some beginner & outsourced developers. The billion dollars mistake is real !!

During the last two year, I worked on Clear, an ORM for PostgreSQL, with the final idea to migrate our ERP to Crystal.

On other project, I’ve started a PoC for coverage tool in crystal (not maintained however as a real coverage tool should be integrated straight to crystal compiler), and the famously infamous await_async, which gave pimple to some members of the core teams :rofl: (we agreed to disagree on this one).

(Note: I cannot put more than two links, as I’m a new user ^^’)

I’m excited to see the bright future of Crystal, and try to evangelize every developers to try it !