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Follow-up: 1 year of building a Crystal app for a client

I took my courage as I’m not a really good writer, and wrote an article about a platform I’ve been developing for a customer last year:

Most of you guys are knowledgeable enough about the language, so my article might sound not very informative, but I’m targeting developers hesitant into using Crystal for their next gigs or next project.

I don’t dive deep into the specifics of the platform, but basically, it’s a backend made with Kemal + Clear ORM, frontend with MithrilJS, Bulma, and Typescript, and deployment on public cloud using Kubernetes. About 8~9 months of work, part-time, probably 750 hours of work from specification to deployment.

It was a challenging topic, a per-hour booking platform with many (too many…) business specifics and non-tech-savvy stakeholders.

They are very happy with the overall stability and reactivity of the platform ( in both case thanks to Crystal ;-) )


Thank you! I liked that the article was very accessible, focused on both the practicality as a coder and the operational side - DevOps in a sense! It is quite uncommon :slight_smile: