Hello Crystal people!

Hello everyone!

(First of all, sorry if my English is bad, I’m a Spanish native speaker).

I would like to introduce myself:
I’m 18 (almost 19), from Spain, a computer engineering student, and a beginner/intermediate programmer, with about 1-2 years of experience. I have started to get my programming skills since I started using Construct 2, a game developing software, because it let me programming without the need to learn any programming language. I have used other game dev software like Game Maker, but I think that my starting point was when I started to use C2.

Later I’ve discovered Lua and LÖVE library (a game dev library), and it was great. I used it for a year, in my free time. With Lua, I acquired excellent programming capabilities, and thanks to that I took almost perfect marks on Programming subjects on the University, which I have started in September 2018.

Thanks to having learned Java and C/C++ at the University I fell in love with OOP and static languages. But I did not like those languages at all, C++ because of pointers and it’s “rusty” syntax and syntax, and Java for things like no operator overloading (I’m a bit maniac). I have to spend weeks thinking and looking for a good language easy to learn, static and OO, to use on personal projects. One day I’ve searched for “favorite programming languages” on my browser, and I found someone whose favorite language was Crystal. I had never heard of that language, so I searched for it. When I saw the syntax I liked it a lot, and I was surprised that a static and compiled language could have that syntax. Now I’m learning Crystal.

I’m an enthusiast of programming languages and their syntax. If I love the syntax of a language, I love the language :sweat_smile:. My favorite syntax, for now, is Lua syntax, but maybe it can be Crystal/Ruby syntax when I have learned the language.

I do not have so much experience for it, but when I have learned the language I would like to contribute to it because is a fairly new language.

And here ends my introduction!


Welcome @sugiivy to the awesome world of Crystal :slight_smile:

I was a Lua lover too, coming from MicroLua & AwesomeWM, but as I was learning different languages I wanted to add types to Lua (spoiler: that didn’t worked very well…)

I hope you’ll be able to do something cool (and useful ?) with Crystal, and maybe later contribute to it!
Since everything is written in Crystal, reading the stdlib & the compiler helps a lot to understand how Crystal can be used (and even learn how to write a compiler! not the easiest one though)


Wow, I didn’t know about MicroLua, looks very interesting!
And yes, I would like to explore the language, know the API and code some cool and useful stuff! And learn how to write a compiler sounds very interesting. One day I would like to take a look to the famous dragon book or something similar :).

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Wow, I love Lua! Especially love2d, such a great game engine! If I wasn’t 10k+ lines deep in Godot, I’d be using it.

I’m exactly like you regarding C++, pointers, etc. That’s also a reason why I switched to crystal.
Very happy you found crystal, the developers of this language really care for its community members, and not only that, but everyone really cares for everyone else. There is no better time to join than now.



Seeing what you wish for, Crystal seems like just the language you’re searching for ─ welcome!

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