New to Crystal. From Julia

Hi everyone. I am uncomfyhalomacro and I am new to the Crystal Programming Language. I don’t code professionally but as a hobby. I really like to test out shiny stuff and lurk around tech communities. I have my eyes on the language for quite a while since last year because I feel like it has some similarities with Julia. But since I am new to the language, are there any people here who can share me some comparisons between Julia and Crystal?


Hi @uncomfyhalomacro! It’s been a little while since I’ve worked so much with either Crystal or Julia unfortunately, and I don’t have a strong Julia background. But I did once give a short talk on using Crystal to do scientific research and can definitely recommend it!

Not exactly what you are looking for, but since no one has responded yet I figured I’d throw a link your way in case you’re interested in chatting more broadly about Crystal in Science :slight_smile:

The repo I mentioned in the talk is here: CrystalSymm · GitLab.


Sorry for the late response, been busy lately. Thanks for giving me the link. I will watch later. <3