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Crystal @ Borderless Engineering

I had the pleasure of doing a very brief intro to Crystal at Borderless Engineering yesterday.

Video is up at Crystal: a language for humans and computers - Kim Burgess - YouTube.

If others from the community have feedback (or you saw it and are now here!), would love to know what you thought, or other language and ecosystem highlights worth sharing in future iterations.


Thank you for this talk! I enjoyed your presentation approach very much.

Little code pieces gradually introduced as you go but also mentioning distinguishing features of Crystal. I think this could be a great way to make someone unfamiliar with Crystal to notice it.

I’ve been writing a long presentation focused more on Ruby devs for quite a while but never had enough steam to finish and record it Probably it’s too long.

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Yes, that was a nice into to Crystal! :slight_smile: I like what I refer to as the newspaper approach… a short blurb/video/blog/etc w/ higher-level info, with a link [for those interested] to a longer more detailed blurb/video/blog/etc, possibly with more links to further details or related topics.

Hi Kim,
Nice video on Youtube. I am sure more of that is needed to show how easy it is to start with programming in the Crystal language. Could you please continue with a video with typing( class vs type, Unions, casting with as … )

Thank you for the positive comments! I’m a strong believer in (constructive) criticism being a significantly better signal on how to improve, so if anyone has any, have at it :)

Just had a watch myself and noticed I needed an :s/methods/blocks/g in the section where I mention inlining, but the rest seems accurate.

@vlazar can’t wait to hear your talk!

@drhuffman12 I like that term of a newspaper talk - agree that it’s a good way to pique interest so that people then go and learn. IMO makes for a great way to get ‘more’ out of a shorter talk format.

@pebauer68 good idea on the type system tutorials.There’s a lot of excellent resource already that talk about type systems abstractly, but could be nice to anchor this on Crystal’s specific implementation and syntax. I think there’s a lot of value in introducing concepts, without assuming previous knowledge (e.g. here’s you do thing x from language foo in Crystal). Crystal’s syntax definitely lends itself to being a great way to introduce these base concepts while that knowledge is built.