Streams of Information by Brian J. Cardiff

Brian spoke at Chicago Crystal and I thought the information was really cool and wanted to post it here.

Here is a link to the video

Here is a link to the slides

I have watched it twice and learned something both times. I hope you all enjoy.


It was great to prepare and share some thoughts outside the compiler itself.

I recommend to join the event if possible. @wontruefree is making efforts to collect interests and build an agenda around it. You will miss the after social event if attending remotely (but, maybe someday we can join for remote gaming for the ones that are not in Chicago :-P)


The string interpolation part is very interesting because at first, I thought it was a trick question. But in fact, it was a perfect storm of syntax modifications to show exactly what kind of design Crystal is striving for. Elegant syntax, with performance in mind. Thanks for recording it.

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I would love to see recorded videos of any future Chicago Crystal events (or any Crystal related meet-up actually) as in my timezone watching it live means I would have a sleepless night otherwise.

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Thank you for the recommendation. I am glad you had a good time and maybe sometime in the future we can have a remote gaming event.

I will try and post all future recordings. I think we have the AV stuff figured out.

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We broke 100 views in 1 day.
That seems kind of crazy and more then some con videos I watch.

There should probably be more talks like that. It’s a really great thing :heart:


We hit over 200 views. That seems crazy to me.
That seems like it is more then most con videos I see.


Sorry for those who are getting spammed by this. But we hit 300!
I am very surprised, if we got that many visitors at the meetup our hosting software would fall over.