Crystal lsp in crystal i

Hi there, i am trying to find a language server for the crystal for the integration in crystal i and i was not able to find. it says that it comes by default but the suggestions or the methods lookup dont appear in the interactive environment like iruby?. Any guess on how to enable so that all the methods can list while writing the code. Thank you

Who says/said this?

I read somewhere that it comes by default. I dont remember. can you tell me how to install so that i can install and work with the same. thank you

So Crystal doesn’t have an official LSP, your best bet at the moment is GitHub - elbywan/crystalline: A Language Server Protocol implementation for Crystal. 🔮, but also the interpreter is still considered experimental; doubtful it can make use of the LSP anyway, nor does it really come enabled by default.

thank you and i have installed crystalline but not that much of the actual lsp. I think we all should make a lsp for the crystal like implemented in iruby?. and that would be awesome. thank you for the prompt response.