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Crystal-ODBC Driver

Just published crystal-odbc an ODBC Driver/Connector for Crystal. With the hope that it will make Crystal accessible to people who want to connect to databases like DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server and so on :laughing:



Did you base the code in crystal-sqlite3 or started from scratch?

You used db/spec! Iā€™m happy.

I guess you are using this to extract data from a production database, right? Or you have a lot of experience with ODBC. Do you mind sharing a bit of context that pushed you here?

Thanks Brian, Yes I looked at crystal-sqlite3 for implementation and db-api for other details. In past I have used ODBC and was looking for access to DB2 for small prototype, so that made me think of bringing things together and put on public use (in case someone else is having the similar requirements).


Wow, Thank you so much! :smiley: :tada:

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