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ODBC or JDBC drivers?

Is there any way to have these play with Crystal?

Would love to use it in my work but I need these drivers to get at a needed DB.

Hi legion, there is not that I am aware ODBC support in the crystal-db.

If the database you are trying to connect is either mysql, pg, sqlite3 or Cassandra then you should be able to connect directly without ODBC.

If not the path goes to either to develop/join someone to build a driver that either connects to ODBC or with the database you want. From there is to choose if the implementation uses an existing C library or if the implementation uses a socket directly.

What database are you trying to connect to?

it’s a netezza DB. Thanks for your advice!

There is now a ODBC driver using unixODBC C library

Ref: Crystal-ODBC Driver