ScyllaDB Crystal Driver

I would like to share that I recently started a project with the objective of porting ScyllaDB to the development environment using Crystal, developing part of an initial prototype of a complete ScyllaDB driver for Crystal.

ScyllaDB is a NoSQL database, based on Apache Cassandra, which uses C and C++ in its development and is used by several companies for its performance, such as Discord!

The aim of the project is to create a complete environment for using ScyllaDB together with the Crystal programming language. My contact with ScyllaDB was through the development of events related to its use in production environments with high performance and scalability.

Visit to learn more, feel free to contribute and don’t forget to give your star!

Link: GitHub - lanjoni/scylladb-crystal-driver: ScyllaDB Crystal Driver 💎


Thanks for the driver! Do you believe it’s ready for production usage in it’s current state?

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I believe not yet… It is necessary to finalize the implementations for queries in general. Currently the driver is under development and its current state is with the possibility of executing simple queries in ScyllaDB! Soon I will be focusing again on driver development and update on how it works!

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