Crystal at CPBR15 and FRONTIN

Hey guys! Hope all is well out there! I would like to share that I recently participated in two face-to-face events in São Paulo (Brazil), Campus Party Brasil (July 25th to July 30th) and FRONTIN Sampa (July 29th), both events about technology, in which I was able to have greater contacts with professionals from different areas, of course, evangelizing about the Crystal programming language with the He4rt Developers community!

Campus Party Brasil is recognized as an event where people can camp and have access to diverse contents, which expand much more than software development in general, but, for different cultures, bringing people from all over Brazil and the world!

FRONTIN Sampa is an event aimed mostly at front-end developers, however, not limited to just that, opening a stage for quick and diversified talks, allowing the event to grace the entire technology community in general, with a amazing environment. I leave here my praise for the event and hope that in the next editions more people from the Crystal community in general will be able to participate.

An important detail was the attention and affection I got from ScyllaDB, a database that has been expanding and growing more and more due to its absurd performance. I’m currently working on the development of the ScyllaDB connection driver for the Crystal programming language, making it possible to create even bigger projects with Crystal.

Soon I will still participate in other events, so stay tuned on my social networks and posts on the forum, reporting on my experiences!

Below I will leave some photos and posts from my social networks! Thank you very much!

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Happy to see Crystal growing on “brazuca” community.

Valeu Guto!

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